Driving Appointment Candidates

There’s more than one reason why Driving Appointments is the leading independent recruiter for driving jobs in London and the South East.

If you are looking for a driving job or a warehouse job, give us a call and find out for yourself why we are so popular!


We have a job for you

Driving Appointments offers fantastic opportunities for permanent and long/short term contract work for HGV/LGV drivers, van drivers and car drivers, as well as logistics professionals, warehouse staff and fork lift truck drivers. There are also opportunities to work for us as a full time driver with a salary.

We pay you what you are worth

To start with take a look at your current payslip. Wouldn’t you prefer it if you were paid more for your efforts? We demand the best from the drivers we recruit and therefore demand they get paid well for the job they do. It makes sense to be suitably rewarded for your work. Driving Appointments makes sure the drivers we recruit are paid at the best rates compared to our competition.

We are fully independent

You may be losing out working for an Agency that is a Franchise or Venture Group. They will not want to lose you to a neighbouring office and will not use/upload your details on to find fantastic opportunities outside of their territory for all other permanent, or contract work. Register with us now and we'll prove that we will treat you differently.

We are always completely honest and transparent

Other agencies you may have encountered may have considered you a statistic on a spreadsheet. They could have little tax and NI tricks that see you end up with less that you deserve in your pay packet. You might not hear from them for weeks after you’ve signed up. That is not how Driving Appointments operates. Our consultants are experienced recruitment professionals and very often former drivers themselves; they’ve been in your position, they know what it’s like to look for work so they do their best for you.

We offer you a choice of when you get paid

Whether you want your wages weekly, fortnightly or monthly we can accommodate you, although you will be paid better if you opt for monthly.

We offer great benefits

We’ll make sure you’re looked after with goodies such as free CPC, pension and paid holidays as well as other perks such as signing on pay and performance/attendance/referral bonuses.

We work alongside you regardless of your business status

We can find work for you whether you are classified as PAYE, umbrella or a *limited company ( * subject to status).

We match you with driving jobs in your area

With offices in Croydon, Wimbledon, Twickenham, Weybridge & Chertsey, and Chessington, as well as new locations opening this year in Leatherhead and London W10, Driving Appointments has many local opportunities for you to choose from all across Greater London and the South East region. Our high tech software system helps us match you with local work that’s not limited to a territory and matching the travel time you specify.

We work with great employers

Some of the biggest and most recognisable names in transport and logistics from the Greater London area and across the South East have been partnered with Driving Appointments for a number of years. 

We offer support and further training opportunities

Are you looking to take the next step in your driving career? Do you want to train for your next licence? Do you have experience working in a warehouse and want to get your FLT licence? Driving Appointments will set you up with our training partners to ensure you get the opportunity to further your earning potential. 

Full time opportunities for the right driver

We have recruited full time drivers to work for us on a Permanent basis, offering excellent salary, pension, holiday entitlement. And further…

We know how to help you succeed

All of our highly trained and experienced staff are either former drivers themselves or have many years under their belts as logistics recruitment professionals. They have been in your position so they know what it takes to help you on your way. It makes it much easier if you know the person talking to you knows what you are talking about.

If you fancy a change of pace and would like a crack at doing what we do, we’re always looking for ex-drivers to join us and train in recruitment.

Contact Driving Appointments today and let’s get you back on the road.